Confirmed..!! Dhinchak Pooja is out from Bigg Boss 11

Looks like Dhinchak Pooja’s days in Bigg Boss 11 are over as we heard that she will get eliminated this weekend. While Pooja did entertain us with her songs, she hardly ever interacted with the other housemates or got involved in any of the discussion inside the house. The internet sensation only ever made us laugh when she rapped and when she ‘sang’ Afreen Bewafa Hai for us in yesterday’s episode. But we are definitely going to miss her on the show.

Pooja turned the house upside down when she had entered the house and housemates discovered that she has head lice. Housemates started panicking and Shilpa Shinde handled it by calling for a lice medicine. But other than that she hasn’t really performed in tasks, too. Akash Dadlani will probably be the only person who will miss her a lot since the two used to rap together. Salman might miss her, too, since he was such a huge fan of her singing. He has been mocking her for a long time now and sadly, it will come to an end.

Earlier we heard that it was Sabyasachi who supposed to be get eliminated. We wonder what got Sabyasachi off the hook. We guess makers are not ready to let him go yet. We are kind of disappointed that Pooja is leaving the show so early. We were hoping that she would make another song inside the house and probably perform it for us, maybe her version of Bigg Boss.

Here’s what Pooja’s eviction will not be like, a sob fest like the others are. Pooja wasn’t really close friends with anyone inside the house so housemates are going to be pretty neutral about her leaving. That’s what we’re guessing. It would obviously be cute to see contestants feel bad about Pooja leaving.

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