Good News for Kapil Sharma Fans: The Funny Man heads to Hollywood..

After Kapil Sharma’s public wrath with his co-actor Sunil Grover, he instantly became controversy’s favorite child. From his relationship with Ginny to his equation with celebrities, everyone wanted to know what Kapil Sharma was up to. After spending around 15 days at a rehab center in Bengaluru, the actor is back to the bay just in time to promote his upcoming release, Firangi. During a press interaction, the cast of the film along with their director Rajiv Dhingra revealed certain details and we can’t contain our excitement. The director of the film revealed that Kapil has received a Hollywood offer and is in talks with signing the papers.

While our home girls like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor are jetting off to the west, seems like Comedy King is dreaming of Hollywood too. The director revealed, “It’s an internal baat, Kapil has received an offer from Hollywood. A company called Bad Mamas made a series and they want to make a Hollywood series with Kapil, with one Hollywood star and one Indian star, which will be apt for both the countries and name I guess is Comedy Curry.” #WOW!

While we simply can’t wait to see how this project unfolds, Rajiv reveals that the dotted lines haven’t been signed yet. In fact, “we are going there and if we understand it, we’ll definitely do it. It’s a step ahead for Kapil too. Their concept is very nice.”

While we couldn’t contain our excitement, Kapil confirmed the news to us. Speaking about the offer and him accepting it, he said, “I’ll let everyone know once it’s finalized. I have received a script from the west and they (makers) are very popular, Big Mama Works. And I’ll definitely go there and meet them once since nothing major can be discussed over a telephonic conversation. But it’ll be a good thing if it materializes.”

The buck doesn’t stop here. When questioned regarding the release date of the series, Kapil added, ‘I don’t know how their production works or how their working style is. I’ve never worked on an international project before so let’s see.’

That’s not all. Kapil also revealed that he intends to enroll into New York Film Academy to take a crash course in script writing and screenplay. After our desi divas heading to the west, we’re proud that Kapil will be joining their bandwagon too. Like they say, the global movie industry is coming together to make this world a smaller place.

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