5 Interesting Facts you will Love to Know about Sunil Grover “The man who has made us laugh hearts out”


Sunil Grover’s has a huge fan following. He with his mimicry and comedy has been able to set his foot in the industry. He gave us millions of reasons and moments to laugh about. Sunil Grover once said that he was approached by a fan in Dubai, who said to him how this actor-comedian has helped him fight his depression.

No doubt, when we thread his life into one, we can see what true struggle is and how he has risen from ashes and became the face of Bollywood Industry. The man behind Gutthi and Masoor Gulati has tickled our bones many times and left us waiting for him to appear again and again on the screen.

5 Lesser known facts about this down to earth man who has proved laughter is the best therapy:

1.This guy from Punjabi family born in a small village in Haryana started his acting career with the screen name Surendra Grover.

2.He first acted in his comedy scene at a wedding in his village.

3.Sunil has also been the voice behind RJ Sud on Radio Mirchi.

4.He also made his first debut in 1998 with the film Pyaar to Hona Hi Tha and later appeared on many shows.

5.This stud is a well-educated person who holds a master degree in Theatre from Chandigarh.

He just turned 42 this 3rd of August, 2019. And believe me, it seems he has stopped ageing and looks youngest of all. Creating magic on-screen, he is most appreciated for his talent and versatility.

Making us dance with joy, this multi-talented entertainer has been blessed with an excellent sense of humour and immense confidence to appear on the big screen and set his mark in the industry.

He lives his life on his terms and has beautiful things to offer.

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