65-years-old driver Namdev Gaurav has been nominated at IIFM as best actor


65-years-old driver Namdev Gaurav has been nominated at IIFM as best actor. He shares the list with some of the industries versatile and evergreen actors Amitabh Bachchan, Ayushmann Khurana and Manoj Bajpayee.

No one knew that his film will be selected for Indian Film Festivals of Melbourne. Producer Dheer Momaya and his family encouraged their chauffeur to act in their film ‘Namdev Guru: In Search of Silence’. They shared that there was a sense of relaxed urgency about him. Producer Momaya shared that while he was not sure if Namdev would be able to act on the screen for about ninety minutes which was cleared after the first day of the rehearsal. It was then the film’s director, Dar Gai, got surety of Namdev’s acting potentials.

Bollywood industry has been welcoming to many and has been home to the ones who are immensely talented and have something to share with the world. It has lived beautiful stories of many ambitious people and one of them being Namdev Gaurav.

Surprised, stunned and still in awe, Namdev excitedly remarked that, “I am feeling very happy and excited after hearing news of my nomination for the best actor. I still can’t believe I got an opportunity to act in such a prestigious film. Before making the film, I had never been outside Maharashtra and now I have travelled abroad as well. It is like living a life, I have never even dreamt of. I and my family would always talk about all of the actors in the Bollywood industry. People work very hard from a very young age to reach where they are today. Also, many people dream and go through the struggle to reach the greatest heights in Bollywood. Getting nominated alongside these elite personalities feels completely unreal to me”.

The movie revolves around how he gets tired of the noisy life of Mumbai and then wanders around the world in search of peace and silence. Namdev Gaurav has not only reached IIFM but with his realistic and artistic acting he has made his way to Busan International Film Festival, Dharamshala International Film Festival, Mumbai Film Festival and IFFI – Goa.

Life could be a pot of miracles and has various turns and twists, live it the way you want to. Namdev Gaurav has become a name which he never had thought he someday ever will!


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