Anupam Kher says he doesn’t carry the burden of his legacy


Anupam Kher is one of the most revered actors of his time. He has taken up some of the most challenging roles and executed them with perfect finesse.

In a recent interview, Kher opened up about how he never pressurizes himself when taking up new projects. He said, “Your growth stops the moment you start taking yourself seriously. That ‘I have done this much work’. I never carry the burden of Anupam Kher or this ‘legacy’ on my shoulders. It’s monotonous and presumptuous. I like to be a newcomer all the time.”

He also revealed how he keeps on evolving himself, “I keep wanting to raise the bar for myself because I learn more when I compete with myself. I am not easily impressed by myself. I never harp on my (successes). I talk about my past as a failure. You learn more by making mistakes and learning from them.”

He also talked about how with time, it all depends on the actor about the kind of work they do, “Initially, when you’ve struggled a lot, you grab everything that comes your way. Now I want roles to challenge me, to make it difficult for me. I want the director to be good. I am lucky to have got an opportunity to work in films here or do a series abroad. I’m in a great situation where I can choose what I want to do.”

Anupam Kher will be next seen in ‘Hotel Mumbai’ which will release on 22nd November 2019.

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