Anushka reveals she borrows from Virat’s wardrobe


Anushka Sharma, one of the hottest actresses of the industry, is always on point when it comes to her wardrobe and clothes. She has her own clothing line called ‘Nush.’ In a recent interview, Anushka spilled the beans about a secret from her wardrobe.

Anushka when questioned by Vogue if she borrows from her husband, Virat Kohli’s wardrobe, she said, “I actually borrow a lot from his wardrobe, mostly T-shirts and stuff.” She added, “Sometimes I’ll just take his jackets. Sometimes I just do it because he feels very happy when I wear his clothes.”

While talking to Vogue she revealed how for her comfort equals to fashion and she always makes sure that she doesn’t just wear uncomfortable clothes because they are in style.She said, “Sometimes we push ourselves to wear extremely uncomfortable clothes. There are clothes meant for a specific reason—they look beautiful on screen but they’re not the most amazing clothes to wear. In my own space I want to be comfortable in what I’m wearing and, most importantly, it has to reflect me—I find it difficult to just follow trends. If a fanny pack is in fashion but I don’t like how it looks on me I’m not going to wear it.”

Anushka Sharma will be next seen in ‘Kaneda’ which is directed by Navdeep Singh and will hit the theaters on 05 November 2020.

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