Dharmendra reveals he and Rakhee ran into a crocodile while shooting a song



Veteran actor Dharmendra is hailed as one of the best actors of yester year and he has a reputation of being hard-working and assiduous. Recently he appeared on the show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs’ and entertained the audience and the contestants with stories from his past.

Dharmendra narrated an incident from the time when he was shooting for the song ‘Jhilmil Sitaaron ka aangan hoga’ with yester year actor Rakhee for the film ‘Jeevan Mrityu.’ He revealed that the incident happened at the Powai lake though they went to many places for the shoot of the song. From their boat it seemed to him and actor Rakhee that it was a rock but as they went closer, they realised that they had run into a crocodile.

The best part was that though both of them were super scared they continued with the shoot and made sure that the shooting continued unhindered. He shared, “We both were so scared. But none of us stopped shooting for the song. With one eye on the crocodile, we managed to get the shoot done.”

Dharmendra narrated this anecdote when contestants Madhav Arora and Aryananda sang the song ‘Jhilimil Sitaaron ka aangan hoga’ as a tribute to him. Dharmendra said that the song brought back memories of his younger years and he felt fortunate as he was able to relive it through the kid’s song.

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