Farah Khan talks about importance of money


Farah Khan has become a household name when it comes to movies. This filmmaker, choreographer and director always aim to deliver movies that make sure that the audience leaves the theaters after a good laugh. Recently she was felicitated at the Big Cine Expo where she talked about her father dying without any money.

Farah said, “I would rather have exhibitors and theatre owners give me an award saying my movies are making money for everybody. I think for me, that is important as a filmmaker. My father was a producer and he died penniless because his movies flopped. So, I always feel it’s my responsibility as a filmmaker (to ensure) everyone makes money when my movie is released — be it the samosawaala or theatres owners.” Her father Kamran Khan died without a penny in his pocket and that’s why she makes sure that everyone makes money when she makes a film.

She expressed her gratitude on being honoured and said,”I am grateful to Big Cine Expo for felicitating me because this is the first time any filmmaker is being felicitated for contribution towards business of filmmaking, which I think is very important. Now, everybody is running around wanting critical acclaim but exhibitors and distributors are crying, and the theatres are empty.”

She has delivered movies like ‘Om Shanti Om,’ ‘Happy New Year’ and ‘Mai Hoon Na’ which have not only done well at the box office but also entertained the audience.

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