Mandira Bedi reveals she is anxious and fearful during self-isolation

Mandira Bedi

Self-isolation and quarantine has arrested India under its wing owing to the global pandemic Coronavirus. The virus has disrupted lives all over and has not spared celebrities also. Th prime Minister of the nation has enforced a 21 days lockdown to contain the spread of the pandemic. Actress and anchor

Mandira Bedi returned from Australia last week amid the pandemic and revealed how it affected her mental health.

She was in Australia for the Women’s World Cup when the pandemic started and returned back to India on March 9 after the completion of the series. India’s team reached the finals for the first time but unfortunately was unable to grab the trophy. Mandira Bedi revealed that after returning she self-isolated for 14 days and those days she was the most anxious she has ever been in her life. She revealed that she got so worked up so much that she got an asthma attack.

Mandira Bedi revealed that staying cooped up inside the house and watching unsettling videos related to the Coronavirus pandemic lead to her panic attack and felt that she could have avoided the attack. She said, “The day I got my attack, I worked myself into a frenzy to get into that space.”

She said that now she is trying to stay positive and do things that calm her errant thoughts. She urged everyone to stay indoors and make the best of this time.

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