Mira talks about her age gap with Shahid Kapoor


Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput tied the knot on 7th July 2015 when Mira was only 21 and Shahid was 35. In an interview to vogue, Mira talked about this huge age difference, “I’ve also picked up on the way of life and way of dressing here… The first time I wore a pair of ripped jeans was after I got married! His fluidity towards life is another quality I love. It’s helped me ease up a lot. He’s lived longer, so if anything, I can benefit from his experience, and he can benefit from my fresh perspective.”

When talking about her shift from her home in Delhi to Mumbai she said, “I really didn’t think about it as so many challenges to overcome,” and added “The change from Delhi to Mumbai was actually a very pleasant one. I love South Bombay! In fact, we celebrated our anniversary with a meal at The Table in Colaba.”

Shahid appreciated Mira’s quick mind, “We’ve gone to parties where I’ve known many more people than she has. But I’ve always found her having more intense conversations with people she’s met less than half an hour ago!”

Mira revealed that she was 16 when she met Shahid for the first time. Both of them are now proud parents to two kids Misha and Zain. Mira also revealed that she was never into movies and that helped her in her meeting with Shahid for marriage.

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