Plus-size brides should wear what they like even if designers don’t approve


A huge debate was ensued online when a well-acclaimed designer said that plus sized women should not wear plunging necklines on their wedding day and should stick to wearing clothes that are suited to their body shape and covers their body. After this statement designer Sabyasaachi hit back by posting pictures of plus sized models wearing lehengas with plunging neckline blouses in order to show that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Many Bollywood celebrities have come under the public eye to shed those few extra kilos. Zareen Khan as well as Sonakshi Sinha has been body shamed online but both of them have hit back and asserted their femininity in their body size. Even Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor were fat shamed for looking chubby.

Brides on the other end are under a lot more pressure as they are supposed to look perfect on their wedding day. Comedian Bharti Singh did not let such unrealistic expectations from the public and society’s eye ruin her wedding day and looked a stunner on her wedding day.  She is the perfect example of how women should not let others dictate how their body should look like. Her weight never stopped her from being a comedian, a dancer or participation in a daring reality show.

Women should not let anyone tell them how they are supposed to look like and how exactly their body shape should be. All body sizes and shapes are beautiful and losing sleep over unrealistic body standards is just a waste of time.

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