Producer Raymond Scott Jr is coming up with a Bollywood film


Raymond Scott, known for being a social entrepreneur and a lover of pace engines is now planning something big for the Indian cinema. A giant in e-commerce business, he says he has analysed the Indian market and wants to make a movie to share his analysis regarding it. Though he will only be producing the movie, but he will also own the concept of the film.

He is currently talking to various top-notch directors before making his debut in Bollywood, narrating his unique idea to different people before beginning to make a film.

Sources say that he does have a few actors in mind who he wants to play lead but he is willing to let the director and those in-charge make the decision regarding the same.

His idea of the film is about a common person who is suffering from a major financial crunch but has a talent for handicrafts. He doesn’t understand where to sell the things he is making and then is guided to make his way to e-commerce business. The movie is about the man’s struggle and journey to e-commerce. Since films play an important role in influencing and making others learn, it will make the Indian people more aware about e-commerce business and how many opportunities it opens up for the common people. It will increase the reliability of e-commerce in India.

Raymond is a social person and has a great presence on all social media where he loved to interact with his fans and followers.


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