Salman advocates against steroids for body building


Salman Khan is one of the fittest actors in the industry. At the age of 53 Salman Khan doesn’t look a day older than 30 and is the heart throb of the nation. In a recent fitness event held in Mumbai, Salman Khan revealed his fitness mantra and how he keeps his body healthy at this age. He is passionate about life and has terrific zeal for fitness and eating healthy.

Salman Khan believes that if one wants a toned and healthy physique then one can follow the simple mantra of protein shakes and a few supplements. He calls it the most reliable method and he also advocated against harmful means as shortcuts to achieve a toned physique.

While talking to ANI, Salman expressed disapproval at the use of steroids at the fitness event. He said, “No one should use steroids. People don’t actually use it, instead, they misuse steroids, which is very bad for their body and for them.”  While talking about the side effects of misuse of steroids, he said, “I have seen many who pass out while working out in the gym. It can be because of anything, heart failures or something more critical. Therefore it’s not a good thing to use at all.”

Salman Khan is currently working on the third installment of his movie ‘Dabangg’ which will release on 20th December 2019. The movie also stars Sonakshi Sinha and debutant Saiee Manjrekar who is the daughter of veteran actor Mahesh Manjrekar.


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