Shahid reveals what his character Kabir Singh would do during lockdown

Kabir Singh

The whole world is under house arrest because of the pandemic originated in China because of a deadly virus known as Coronavirus. The Prime Minister of the nation Narendra Modi announced a nation-wide lockdown and since then celebrities from B-town has been sharing tips on their social media handles as to how to keep sane amid the lockdown.

Shahid Kapoor indulged in a chat with his fans on Twitter and spread the message of keeping calm during this distressing time. During the chat, one of his fans what would his character Kabir from the movie ‘Kabir Singh’ would do in times like this. Shahid Kapoor dished it out to him hilariously and said that his character would rush to hug ‘Preeti (the dog)’. Shahid said, “Hug Preeti (the dog) and make do. Rules are rules bro.” Shahid said this in context to the restrictions imposed in the nation regarding going out and following the lockdown.

Kabir Singh was released last year and turned out to be a blockbuster. It was a Hindi remake of the Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy starring Vijay Deverakonda and Shalini Pandey. The Hindi remake starred Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani in the lead.

Shahid further asked his fans to keep calm and follow all the rules and adhere to all the safety precautions. He advised his fans to indulge in their hobbies to pass time. He asked his fans to not venture out and stay hopeful.

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