SRK praises Ayushmann’s wife Tahira


Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most enigmatic superstars. There is nothing that he cannot do and we all adore him for being so perfect all the time. But in a recent interview, Shah Rukh revealed how he learned an important life lesson from someone else.

Shah Rukh revealed that author and filmmaker Tahira Kashyap, wife of Ayushmann Khurana, helped him in coping with loss and pain. Tahira is a breast cancer survivor and Shah Rukh invited her over as a guest on Ted Talk season of which he is the host. After talking to Tahira, Shah Rukh revealed “I lost both my parents to cancer. I do not like to show off my problems but Tahira made me realise that it is okay to share. I feel it is necessary to remove the taboo that we need to hide our problems. Instead, come together with your family and figure out a solution.”

Tahira said, “privilege to share this important platform with such amazing trailblazers, and to be able to share my story has been a wonderful experience”. She also said, “The only reason of coming out is to give the message that early breast cancer detection should be on top of everyone’s minds. Nobody should ignore the symptoms. The idea is not to instil fear but to encourage people to be mindful. This alone can change the mortality rate in India and the world. I am grateful to ‘Ted Talks’ for giving me this opportunity.”

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