Sunny Leone goes Eco-friendly with her new venture


Never judge a person by the past he/she had! Sunny Leone never fails to contribute her part towards Mother Earth and its people. She is one of the kindest living legends, who with her entrepreneurial activities makes this world a better and safe living place for all.

She is the mother of three, has upped her entrepreneurial game and is all ready for the new eco-friendly project of hers. She in a recent interview claimed, “We shall now realise and it is also high time that we have many responsibilities towards Mother Earth. And now I am more than happy to contribute my part towards it. I am looking forward and very excited for the Xcentric venture because not only am I stepping into a new industry but also, this project is going to be eco-friendly as well. I am sure it will strike a harmony with the women all across the globe”.

She is already the owner of two brands one of cosmetics and another one a perfume brand. For which she is also, related to PETA and guarantees that none of the animals is harmed or injured while making the cosmetics and perfume. Also, owing to a lingerie brand and also opening a new venture which is a playschool for toddlers, Sunny Leone has planned to create a school which is more based on practical and fun learning.

She and her husband planning for this venture explained that one day their daughter Nisha Webber expressed them how much she enjoys in her playschool. As they have the most fun way of teaching. Which triggered them to open up such a school for children across the globe and have access to the best learning experiences.

They have spent many months researching for their new venture and are determined to deliver the best teachings across the globe.

Her earlier brands have reached global audiences and now is sure to make her entrepreneurial presence in the world.

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